Flexible Solutions
Your campaign can’t always be captured in a standard sized banner using rich media, at Ambient Digital we understand that. Besides a number of advanced standard products we can customise our product to completely meet your requirements.
Premium Publishers
Advertising is not only about numbers and having your creatives on a dodgy site probably does more harm than good. Ambient has a stringent policy when it comes to which publishers are allowed to our network resulting in high quality inventory.
Though we can, it’s uncommon for us to do “run of network” campaigns. We like transparency and our clients do as well. This means that we will always provide you with a list of sites that will run your campaign. As a client you are closely involved in the publisher selection.
Competitive Rates
Obviously quality is number one on your list but let’s be honest, as an advertiser you try to squeeze the most out of your budget. We’re looking for long term relations with our advertisers and the only way we can achieve that is by transparency on rates and simply offer the best rates possible.
High Engagement
Our inventory is “on-site” so even when your iTVC is published on a site with numerous banners it will attract the most attention. Even if the purpose of your iTVC is more branding than performance you will be surprised with the CTR (Click Through Rate) which on average is 3-10 higher than that of any in-site inventory
Social media these days are part of practically every marketing strategy. We add any social flavour to your campaign, even if it’s video. This allows better and more interaction, higher conversions and a stronger social presence. Ask our sales team how this can benefit your campaign.