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Publishers FAQ - General (8)

What is the difference between Ambient Digital network and a media/advertising agency?

Ambient Digital Network sells online media space in behalf of its network publishers while a media agency works directly for an advertiser, or for an advertising agency, engaged in purchasing advertising space. What that means is that while an agency tries to get the best discounts and lowest prices for its client’s media buys, Ambient Digital tries to get the best prices for the publishers we represent. Also, while agencies will buy any media from any publisher, Ambient Digital only sells for publishers that we represent – we do not do media “buying”.


What are the requirements from becoming a publisher

In general we would like to see a website with at least 1,000 daily visits but that’s not a “golden rule”. As a premium ad network we rate your website based on the following properties:

  • The frequency in which the site is updated, the higher the better
  • The quality of the content, any content should be UNIQUE!
  • How many banners are in the site and how many ad network partners are used
  • Technical issues such as load time
  • General quality of the site

If you’re not sure whether your website meets the requirements please just sign-up and we will either sign you up or email you with a clear reason why we did not (yet) sign you up.

NOTE: We don’t allow publishers who publish illegal, offensive or explicit content. This includes but is not limited to copyright infringement and porn.


How do I become a publisher?

Please read our requirements first and then simply fill in the publisher sign-up form. You will get an answer within 1 working day.


What is CPM?

CPM is an acronym for Cost Per Mil, with M standing for Mil, a symbol for thousand. It means the cost of producing one thousand impressions giving the publisher a fixed money amount each time 1,000 ad views are shown on their website.


How much will I get paid?

Payments to our publishers are based in impressions (CPM) only, which assures you as a publisher that every time we show an ad you will get paid. The CPM compensation differs per product, for instance for our iTVC standard product you will receive a higher compensation than for our standard rich media banner. Please contact our publisher department to receive an up-to-date rate chart.


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Publishers FAQ - Technical (8)

What if I happen to implement the Ambient Ad Tag twice in one page?

Please note that only one unique Ambient ad tag can be embedded in a page. If duplication of ad tags occurs, the banners will not display and no impressions will be logged. This should however already become clear in the testing phase.


The Ambient popup ad is overlapping with another popup ad, how to fix this?

Instead of implementing ad codes from more than one ad network for a popup ad in the same position simply implement our code and ask us to install the ad code from the other network as a fallback code. This means that when we don’t have an ad to serve, automatically the other ad network will get control and can serve ads for the same position. This way there are no conflicts and you will get a higher fill rate because you use multiple ad networks for the same ad position. Using a fallback code will not interrupt or interfere in anyway with serving or logging methods from the other ad network, basically we just “inject” their code into your site when we don’t have any ads to serve.

For more information please contact our publishers department.


Ambient popup banner is overlapped by another in-page banner, how to fix this?

This often happens to Flash in-page banners. Just set the in-page flash banner opacity to wmode= “transparent”, in OpenX and most other ad serving platforms this is a standard option.


In what part of the HTML template do I have to insert the Ambient Ad Tag?

The Popup ad tag: insert the tag exactly before the </body> tag. Make sure that there is no other code between our ad code and the </body> tag except for GA tracking code. Our ad tag code can under no circumstances be implemented within html objects such as <p></p> or <div></div> or any other html objects.


How can I check and make sure the Ambient ad tag has been implemented properly?

Usually we activate the test campaign (which is a standard Ambient rich media popup) so that when you have implemented the code you should see a test ad straight away. Once you’ve implemented the code please reply to the email you’ve received and notify us that the code is in place. Our publisher department will then check the implementation and when all is functioning properly the test campaign will be stopped. From then on only paid ads will be shown in the popup or the popup will simply just not appear.

If there are problems with the implementation our support team will help you find the cause and implementing the solution.


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