Audience Targeting & Big Data
Ambient Digital Indonesia is the first local Ad Network/SSP who launched Audience Targeting in Indonesia. Monthly we collect over datapoints which is over-layed with 2nd and 3rd party data. This (Big) data enables us to make sure your ad is only shown to people within your target group.

For verification feel free to use the services of a company like Sizmek to track our performance.


Content Channels
All the websites and sometimes specific sections of the websites of our publishers are categorised into content channels on our platform. This allows our advertisers to specifically target people with a certain interest which will lead to higher relevant exposure and higher conversions. Our most popular channels are:

• Business & finance
• Entertainment
• Automotive
• News
• Lifestyle
• Sports
• Real Estate
• Technology
• Blogging
Choose when to display your advertisement based on the time of day it performs best.
Frequency Capping
Don’t waste money on showing your ad to the same person over and over again, determine exactly how many times a consumer will see your advertisement.
Geographic Targeting
Deliver your advertisements exactly in the cities or regions where it matters the most to you.