Why Ambient?

New Inventory = Extra Money
We’re the only Ad Network in Indonesia that doesn’t ask for any existing inventory, we create our own inventory. Our unique bottom corner located floating ad banner is the perfect way to make extra money without having to add another banner space to your site. This means that all you income you will get from Ambient is 100% extra money!
No Sales = No Ad
Because we have such a flexible product we’re the only one in Indonesia that won’t bother your visitors with ads for which you don’t get paid. Instead of pushing unpaid ads only benefiting the ad network itself, we simply don’t show our ad to your visitors. This way we make sure that every ad impression is a monetized impression.
Premium Advertisers
Ambient focusses on bringing TV advertisers to the Internet. This automatically means that most of our clients are (International) A-Brands. Publishing a video advertisement of a reputable A-Brand will lead to higher conversions and will match premium content much better. Or do you prefer a “Learn how to make $5000 per month on Google” ad?
Flat rates
We understand that as a publisher every impression counts and needs to be monetized in the most optimal and predictable way. That’s why we offer the best flat rates based on CPM which prevents you from publishing financial risky campaigns with in the end disappointing revenues.
Full Control
We provide all of our partners an account to monitor and evaluate traffic, campaign, and advertiser performance in real-time. On top of unrestricted advertiser selection and complete ad filtering control, our partners have the right to reject any campaign for any reason at any time.
Stable And Optimal Performance
Ad delivery comes with a huge responsibility. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure located in Cyber 3 makes sure the platform is always available and will always deliver. For people visiting your site from abroad we will ensure fast delivery through Cloud technology.
Easy Integration
Implementing our A-Sync ad tag is done in a matter of minutes. In case you would encounter a problem our support team is directly available to help solve your problem.
Quick & Reliable Payments
We all have bills to pay so we understand that the last thing a publisher wants is waiting for his money longer than agreed. With Ambient you will know exactly how much you will get paid and when you will get paid.